Why & How Easy It Is for You To Join

 Why You Should

We are a non-profit organisation who has been chosen by teachers, trainers, and associations of energy healing modalities to be responsible for their accreditation, assessments, and quality of service.


Why We Do This

We are taking this great honour very seriously and are negotiating with the various bodies involved to make it happen in a way that is fair, accessible, affordable, and protects the public from rogue practitioners.

We are also a group of people who wish to get the benefits known about how energy healing (as defined below) plays an increasingly important role in the improvement of every day ordinary people’s lives.

 Benefits of Membership

  1. Recognition by the public as being of the standard accepted by an authority
    in the field.
  2. Updates and CPD to keep your skills up to standard.
  3. Virtually unlimited marketing on your association website and newsletter.
  4. Your own Practice Number.

How Easy Is It?

To become a member:
If you are a practitioner of an energy healing modality, the fee is R300 per year,and you get almost unlimited marketing with it. If you are a trainer, the fee is R500 per year, and ditto re the marketing.

If you are a self-help healer, then the fee is a mere R100 per year.

To apply, all that is needed is:

  1. Initial every page of the CodesEthics1(Codes & Ethics) document and
    sign and complete the last page.(right click and save as)
  2. Send a copy of all your energy healing certificates.
  3. If you can, send a picture of you (it helps keep your integrity safer, as people can
    see on our website who you are).
  4. Pay the appropriate fee into the bank account as follows:

Energy Healers Association FNB Account: 62339114902

Branch Code: 203809

Reference: your email address, or as much of it as you can fit in.

And then email admin @ energy-healers-association.org with your proof of payment and either send your documents above by post to the address on this letterhead or scan and email.
We have been chosen by the majority of energy healers in South Africa to be the body that takes care of their qualifications and represents them with SAQA for a particular qualification to be developed.

If you are part of an energy healing organisation, we would love to have your organisation on board.
To enquire about a practitioner in your area or training in energy healing, please email admin at energy-healers-association.org with your enquiry and Hilary our CEO or one of the team will get back to you within 24 hours.

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